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Student help desk

Student help desk

Search a individual students whole history about records of student Fee, Hostel, Transport, Library, Exam, Attendance, etc. Various help desks exist for a single product for example, a college student who has a computer question may call Dell's help desk directly, or try their university computer department's help desk instead.

Record keeping or record management is an important task for any organization as that includes indispensable information which might be confidential too. For a school, managing student records is tedious and the arduous job as that requires a lot of manual work. These records include student files, student reports, admission forms, some department confidential student files, financial records and others. In the conventional school management system, all the student records were managed in piles of papers and heaps of files. It was a difficult task to keep track of all the records and one had to put in serious efforts by spending an entire day to retrieve data from the storage. There were many chances of data loss either by misplacement or unauthorized access or damage. It was then a school management software application was under serious consideration.


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