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All Types of transactions,create account groups,balance sheet,manage voucher and voucher entry can be tracked.Accounts Receivable proceeds or payment which the company will receive from its customers who have purchased its goods & services on credit.

This module provides an efficient and effective solution as it helps in managing the various day to day expenses. The Accounting module stores and manages all data regarding the bank transactions as well as student fee collection or any expenses.All the reports like Ledger, Bank Book, Cash Book, Trial Balance, Income & Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet are available with this school/college accounting software. Accounting module keeps track of various expenses made by the school or institution. It also has the facility to generate and print vouchers, which are an essential document for accounts. The school/college accounting module is available for all types of schools, colleges, educational institutes, coaching institutes. This module is an important component of our school management system


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